ESL Grand Final

  • THO the prominence of narratives focusing on individuals being the first of their identity group to accomplish a certain goal or achieve a position of power
  • Grand Final

  • The motion for this round has not been released.
  • Semifinals

  • THBT Russia should not attempt to contain growing Turkish influence in the South Caucasus
  • Quarterfinals

  • In regions which are dominated by a linguistic minority, THW use the local language as the primary language in schools, governance and administrative bodies, and political systems instead of the national language
  • Round 5

  • THW allow soldiers to opt out of military operations or missions on the basis of their conscience
  • Round 4

  • THW allocate public funding for the arts based on determinations of a jury composed of randomly selected ordinary citizens
  • Round 3

  • THBT governments of developing countries should prohibit the sale of arable land to foreign states and corporations
  • Round 2

  • THBT the scientist should reveal the information
  • Round 1

  • THBT countries should introduce 'youthocratic' voting.